Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Since last I posted...

Many changes have taken place. I am engaged to be married. I am now doing the CORE plan of weight watchers (focus on whole grains, vegetables, healthy fats and lean proteins/dairy), which dovetails nicely with what I eat anyway. I am currently writing my thesis for my Masters. So, there is alot going on. Notably, registering for housewares (delighted shriek!!!!!) and cooking supplies (more delighted shrieking!!!)
Heres a look at whats in the bowl (Kabocha Soba Bowl)
Steamed Kabocha Squash over Soba noodles with bits of sliced tofu and a handful of arugula. I stirred up some miso paste in hot water to make a broth and floated a few drops of hot sesame oil and sprinkled on a few sesame seeds. It's pretty good, and would be better if all of these were leftovers, but since both had to be made fresh it was a bit of work but not horrible.