Sunday, March 19, 2006

Now it's a side dish; Now it's a soup!

Hippogirl is drinking: Strawberry tea

Having previously roasted two (and that was one too many!) butternut squashes for shabbos, I was left with a squashy problem. Take the leftovers for a nebulous lunch which might or might not happen? Or turn them into soup? Since I'm always looking for an opportunity to use my immersion blender, the soup won out. I chopped up the remainder of a 1-lb bag of carrots from a few weeks ago (erm, 4 perhaps?) with a large onion and about a third of a head of celery and a few garlic cloves. I sauteed these in just a very small bit of olive oil and added the peeled squash and a healthy quantity of water. Now, remembering that the squash was initally flavored with garam masala (which is like a sweeter, more pumpkin-pieish variation of curry powder), I knew I could either go sweet or savory with the seasonings, and I chose savory. Sweet is good in fruit soup only in my opinion. I added regular curry powder, some hot hungarian paprika, and a good bit of salt and pepper, and possibly a bit more garam masala. Then I let it cook untill all the veggies were cooked and then pureed with my trusty immersion blender. Voila, butternut squash soup conjured from leftovers. Only I'd let the onions color so the soup was browner than the lovely orange I had envisioned. But still, all in all, not bad.

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