Friday, March 24, 2006

The Mitzva of Tashbito; or; 2 Weeks of Carboloading

Hippogirl is eating: Nothing right now

Pesach is upon me, and my large tupperware canisters filled with half bags of flour, bulgur wheat, and pasta have all got to go. If I were of Ashkenaz descent, I could just cordon off my pantry and sell it in this crazy psuedosale trick that we have called Mehriat Hametz... Imagine selling your house for a week, but locking it up so that nobody can use it! Ok, so its not "yours", but really....

Anyway, I'm getting rid of as much grain products as is humanly possible. I made challah to take to shabbos meals, cake to bring to parties, soba noodles with pesto and parmesan cheese to feed to Hippoboy. I made a bulgur wheat pilaf and a bulgur wheat lentil dish. I poured the last of the vanilla vodka over last week's chocolate strawberry cake, which was a big hit. I dripped the last few drops of coconut extract into my coffee this morning.

I've still got a good bit of flour left, but no yeast, so making bread to bring places is out of the Q. I'm thinking of making a cobbler to bring to school, or some muffins, or a healthy quick bread or cake. That'll take care of the rest of my vanilla extract too. Bringing things to YU is a surefire way to get them eaten. I once left an entire pudding cake on the first floor of the library and it was demolished in minutes.

As far as the rest goes... A liter of soy sauce was probably not a smart purchase 3 weeks ago. That I'll just try to give away. The last box of noodles, I'll probably eat this week, and try to make another lentil pilaf to take for lunches. I'm probably going to end up throwing out the gluten, as there is nothing I can really do with that other than make bread. I've got a lone package of gruenkern (green wheat kernels) that I am loath to throw out because I got them at LI Glatt before they closed, and because I have no idea what to do with them. The non-instant oatmeal is gone, I have a few bowls of shredded wheat left for breakfasts, as well as about 10 packets of instant oatmeal that I will valiantly attempt to eat. Not all at once, of course. Curves is having a food drive starting April 1, so I'll try to unload some stuff on them.

Oh yeah, I've also got a pint of Ben and Jerry's lite cookie dough ice cream, but I don't think getting rid of that is going to be too hard...

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