Monday, April 10, 2006

"Cream" of Broccoli- The Soup of Desperation

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If matza is the bread of affliction, then what I just made today is the soup of desperation. A few days left before Pesah and almost no food in the house, I decided to rummage up something that turned out pretty good actually, considering the circumstances.
Note to self- frantically trying to get the mice which seem to have invaded my domicile to leave doesnt seem to fall under the heading of cleaning for pesah, but it feels just the same.

I chopped up an onion and two garlic cloves and set them to sautee in my trusty soup pot. Then I added the remmnants of a bag of frozen broccoli and a telma soup cube- peccavimus! Thinking I'd puree it later, I also added half a can of white beans and cooked the heck out of it while I was waiting for my super to move my fridge to look for mouseholes.

Incidentally, he found one behind the oven.

I took the soup off the fire- because my super had to move the oven- and pureed it with my stickblender, added some more salt, some hungarian hot paprika, and some nutmeg.

Not bad, and pretty creamy to boot.

Take that, mousies!

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the chocolate lady said...

So true--and some wonderful soups can happen this way.