Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Last Shabbos my current apartment, that is.

I'm moving. It's chaotic. It's messy. My kitchen is more than messy. Somehow I managed to cobble together a fantastic Shabbos. My beloved grandparents were in town and joined a merry crowd of hippoboy, myself, and my friend batya for dinner. Batya stayed over and joined us for lunch. All things considered, it went swimmingly

Shabbos Dinner

Whatever Is in the Fridge Chicken
Defrost chicken parts- back quarters and/or breasts. Slather with a bit of dijon, Pour on some balsamic and capers. Sprinkle on some pepper. I tossed in a bit of my tomato-basil salad for good measure and poured about 1/2 a cup of moscato d'asti over it all and baked it at 350 till the juice ran clear.

Roasted Red Potatoes
quarter a mixture of red and yukon potatoes. Toss with olive oil, salt, garlic powder, pepper, and paprika. Roast with whatever you've got going in the oven as long as the potatoes can stand it. They take a very long time....

Roasted Asparagus (Deborah Madison's Recipe)
Snap the bottoms off the spears. Arrange in a roasting pan. Drizzle with olive oil, salt, pepper, and a few sprinkles of water. Cover with foil for 10 mins at 425, then uncover untill done.

Tomato Basil Salad
Seed and chunk a bunch of tomatoes. Wash a bunch of basil. Tear up latter and scatter over former. Toss with oil, balsamic, capers, salt, pepper. Let sit.

Picked up some good bread from Fairway for both meals.

Shabbat Lunch
Hippoboy brought me back a smoked salmon, so I made a rather untraditional Nicoise.

Flake the salmon over salad greens. Add 2 sliced hardboiled eggs, the leftover asparagus and tomatoes from last night, and some capers. Balsamic, mustard, honey, olive oil dressing.

Steamed Artichokes

A Cholent that hurt my stomach a bit- marrowbones, onions, and potatoes. Who knew...

Now, the Moving continues....

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